Saturday, September 02, 2006

Stone Says Hollywood 'Worships' War

According to the BBC, director Oliver "Natural Born Killers" Stone has launched an attack on Hollywood films that 'worship the machinery of war'.

Speaking at the Venice film festival ahead of the screening of his latest film "World Trade Center", Stone was critical of director Ridley Scott's "Black Hawk Down" and Michael Bay's "Pearl Harbour".

The late 1990's in particular spawned films which celebrated war, he said, contributing to violence being a 'cultural problem' in the US.

"We watched movies that promoted the concept of war, that promoted shock and awe," he said.

""Pearl Harbour" and "Black Hawk Down" - these movies worshipped the machinery of war and I think America went back to the concept of war too easily...

"In the past I made very intense films, very powerful films about dark subjects...Now is a time to go the other way - that's my nature - and I want to be positive."