Saturday, July 01, 2006

Marvel's 'Mysterio' in Raimi's "Spider-Man 3" ?

Speculation as to the identities of the Marvel Comics' super-villains appearing in director Sam Raimi's currently filming "Spider-Man 3" continues to swirl, with the confirmation of 'Sandman', 'Venom' and 'Hobgoblin' and possible cameo appearances by 'The Lizard' and 'Man-Wolf' in their human guises.

Now comes word that actor Bruce "Evil Dead" Campbell may briefly appear as 'Mysterio' .

The original character of 'Mysterio' as conceived by "Spider-Man" comic book creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko was professional criminal ''Quentin Beck', whose former occupation was movie special effects designer and stunt man.

Born in Riverside, California, Beck was a film school graduate, whose abilities included designing special effect 'holographics' and stage illusions. Beck was also a proficient hypnotist, prestidigitator, chemist and roboticist, wearing a fishbowl, one-way plexiglass helmet, with gas jets mounted in his gloves and boots capable of emitting hallucinogenic, 'web' dissolving gases.

Looking for a new challenge, Beck entered into a partnership with the 'Tinkerer' to steal industrial/military plans. As the scheme was foiled by Spider-Man, Beck sought revenge, fighting Spider-Man as 'Mysterio: Master of Illusion'.

Eventually imprisoned at 'Ravencroft', Beck was diagnosed with a terminal illness, afflictions caused by toxic SFX products he had used as Mysterio.

With one year to live, Beck hired 'Daredevil' villain 'Bullseye' to kill DD's girlfriend 'Karen Page'.

Before he shot himself, Mysterio trained his cousin 'Maguire Beck' and movie stand-in 'Daniel Berkhart' in his specialized SFX technology, with Berkhart ultimately becoming his sucessor.