Saturday, July 01, 2006

Harryhausen Lends a Hand to "She"

Special effects legend Ray Harryhausen, in addition to pacting with Mindfire Entertainment for the development of remakes of "Mysterious Island", "Sinbad" and "Jason and the Argonauts", is also a consultant to the restoration of Merian C. Cooper's 1935 feature "She", based on author H. Rider Haggard's adventure novel.

Premise of the original story focuses on 'Leo Vincey', told by a dying uncle about a 'lost land' visited 500 years ago by his ancestor.

An intrigued Leo, with family friend 'Horace Holly', sets out to discover the land and its secret of immortality, said to be contained within a mystic fire.

Picking up 'Tanya', a guide's daughter in the frozen Russian arctic, the group eventually discover 'Kor', a hidden underground civilization ruled over by the immortal queen 'She', who believes Leo is her 500-year old long-lost lover.