Sunday, April 16, 2006

Vancouver Start For "Sisters" Remake ...

Vancouver filming has started on director Douglas Buck's remake of Brian DePalma's 1973 psychological thriller Sisters.

The new Sisters stars French actress Lou Doillon, with Chloe Sevigny and Stephen Rea.

In the updated screenplay, written by Buck and John Freitas, a young woman (Doillon) leads a sheltered existence under the care of a control-freak psychiatrist (Rea). A reporter (Sevigny), suspicious of the doctor's motives, gets involved, leading to her witnessing a ghastly crime.

"In the original film, which I love, DePalma chose style over substance," Buck said.

"I'm interested in exploring all the other stuff that's there -- the perversity, the tragedy, the sadness. All those character traits make it, to me, more interesting.

"I want to make the characters more alive."