Sunday, April 16, 2006

Gaiman Confirms Peter O'Toole For "Stardust" ...

According to Stardust graphic novel creator Neil Gaiman, more casting has been finalized on Paramount's Stardust feature film:

"The wall of people-who-have-been-cast in Stardust at Pinewood now includes on it Mr Peter O'Toole, Miss Billie Whitelaw and Mr Ricky Gervais," Gaiman said.

"It starts shooting on location in Skye next week.

"I don't know if having the multitudinous readers of a blog concentrate on making sure the weather in Skye is as unseasonably clear, warm and sunny as possible starting next Wednesday will do any good, but it couldn't hurt.

"I won't be there, alas, although Skye is possibly my favourite place in the world, whatever the weather."