Saturday, March 25, 2006

"Godfather" Game Makes Players An Offer They Can't Refuse ...


Budgeted at more than $15 million, Electronic Arts' video game version of Paramount's "The Godfather", noted as the company's first 'Mature' rated game, has finally hit the streets after 3 years in development as an interactive property.

"Godfather" film director Francis Ford Coppola, who does not share in the game's profits, reportedly 'disapproves' of the game, specifically its 'violent elements', and has branded it a 'misuse of film'.

"We're not trying to create the movie," said David DeMartini, exec producer of the game.

"We're taking it to a new medium with new consumers where we hope we can do something great..."

A "Godfather" video game sequel is already in the works.

Gamers will interact with the original story and characters from the film. Scenes will include the infamous horse head scene and the tollbooth shooting.

Actor Marlon Brando and other actors from the original film, including Robert Duvall, contributed their voices and the use of their likenesses for the game.

Other upcoming video games based on popular action films will include "Scarface" from Vivendi Universal Games and "Dirty Harry", with the participation of actor Clint Eastwood, from Malpaso and Warner Bros. Interactive.

Rockstar, the industry leader with their "Grand Theft Auto" games, currently have a video game based on the film "The Warriors".