Thursday, February 16, 2006

Studio Shooting For "The Red Star" ...


Universal Pictures have acquired film rights to Christian Gossett's award-winning graphic novel series "The Red Star".

Director Timur "Night Watch" Bekmambetov will develop the property, with a call out to screenwriters.

Debuting November 2000 via Image Comics, "The Red Star" was subsequently published in 2002 by CrossGen Comics through Gossett's self-imprint, Archangel Studios.

Premise of the stories, set in a reimagined Soviet Union, follows an epic battle in a world of militarized sorcery and monolithic technology, where the ghosts of old soldiers fight alongside the living.

Marc Platt will produce with Bekmambetov, Jim Lemley and Jason Netter.

Creator Gossett and Ken Levin will executive produce.