Thursday, February 16, 2006

Singer Stepping Up "Logan's Run" ...


At this year's San Francisco WonderCon, director Bryan Singer said he is continuing to develop a remake of "Logan's Run" as his next picture, following "Superman Returns" currently in post-production.

Singer's "Usual Suspects" writer Chris McQuarrie, who did uncredited rewrites on the first "X-Men" feature is currently writing "Logan's Run".

To be distributed in 2007 by Warner Brothers, the Silver Pictures production of "Logan's Run" will be produced by Joel "The Matrix" Silver.

The novel "Logan's Run" by William F. Nolan & George Clayton Johnson was originally published during the 1960's by Dial Press and Dell books.

From the back cover of a 1969 paperback version:

The Youth Rebellion Had Triumphed ...The young long since had taken over the Earth. Sex, drugs, kicks were unlimited. But the trip from grove to grave was quick. No one was allowed to live past 21. Logan was a Sandman, one of the elite police who hunted those who refused to accept their fate. Then Logan turned 21-and suddenly he was desperately running, searching, in a world of cities beneath the sea, frozen arctic prison colonies, great hollowed-out mountains, abandoned cities...through a labyrinth of terror that lay between him and safety . . . between him and ultimate triumph...

Premise of the story follows 'Logan' and 'Jessica', who escape their fate through an underground railroad of mazes and shady characters, in their quest for long life and 'Sanctuary'.

The second novel "Logan's World" was released in 1976, followed by "Logan's Search" in 1980.

In the early 1990's Dove released a cassette version of "Logan's Run", read by author Nolan.

In 2000 Nolan electronically published the first three novels and a novella called "Logan's Return", self-publishing it into manuscript form in 2001.

Nolan also wrote two "Sam Space" novels, but it is not known at this time if that property has been optioned for film.

Singer's take is to be a faithful re-make of the 1976 feature, produced by Saul David and directed by Michael Anderson, starring Michael York as 'Logan 5', Jenny Agutter as 'Jessica 6', Farrah Fawcett as 'Holly 13' and Peter Ustinov as 'The Old Man'.