Thursday, February 02, 2006

Paramount Muscles In On "Captain America" ...

Marvel Studios are in active script development on the big screen Paramount feature, "Captain America: First Avenger", based on the Marvel Comics' superhero character.

Created by writer Joe Simon, artist Jack "King" Kirby and publisher Martin Goodman, 'Captain America' debuted in Timely's "Captain America Comics" #1 (1941).

The premise focused on 'Steve Rogers', a frail child born during the Great Depression.

Attempting to enlist in the US Army during WW II, Rogers was rejected as being too sickly, but 'General Chester Phillips' offered him the opportunity to join the war effort via the 'Operation: Rebirth' program.

Rogers was taken to a secret lab in Washington, D.C. and introduced to 'Dr. Abraham Erskine' (aka 'Prof. Reinstein'), creator of an experimental 'super-soldier' formula.

Rogers is administered a serum, doused with a ray and pumped up into a perfect specimen. But an inflitrated saboteur kills Erskine who dies with the secret formula locked in his head.

Hustled into an intense physical training program, Rogers accepts his destiny and comes to grips with the fact that he is the only one of his kind.

Planted secretly as a potato-peeling private in the Army, Rogers first assignment is to stop the Axis agent "Red Skull". When company mascot 'Bucky Barnes' accidentally learns of Rogers alter ego, he joins 'Cap' on numerous missions behind enemy lines.

Towards the end of the war, Rogers tries to stop 'Baron Heinrich Zemo', from detonating a bomb-rigged drone, but the plane explodes, killing Bucky and throwing Cap into the ocean.

Cap's super metabolism freezes him into suspended animation, riveted into an ice-block, until he is revived, more than 20 years later by the superhero team the "Avengers".

Cap's only weapon is his shield, a concave disk 2.5 feet in diameter, weighing 12 lbs and composed of a 'vibranium-adamantium' alloy, cast by metallurgist 'Dr. Myron MacLain'.