Thursday, February 02, 2006

Marvel Invading TV With the "Skrull Kill Krew" ...

Marvel Entertainment have announced the development of the live-action television pilot "SKRULL KILL KREW", based on the 1996 comic book series.

'Skrulls', as created by author Stan Lee/artist Jack Kirby and introduced in the 1960's Marvel Comic book "Fantastic Four" #2, are extraterrestrials from an interstellar empire, located within the Andromeda Galaxy, or 'M-31'.

Skrulls are reptilian but have humanoid characteristics including hair and mammary glands, with newborns hatched from eggs and nursed by their mother.

Originating on the planet 'Skrullos' in the 'Drox' system, Skrulls have life spans of 210 Earth years, with 'Deviant Skrulls' having the ability to 'shape-shift'.

After the Skrulls discovered space travel, their ability at 'mimicry' enabled easy penetration of other worlds, setting up early empires based on free trade.

Ten million years ago, the Skrulls ventured outside their universe and into the Greater Magellanic Cloud/Milky Way Galaxies, encountering the 'Kree', a humanoid race and the 'Cotati', a race of sentient organics.

Thousands of years ago, a Skrull 'emperor' seized control of the first known 'Cosmic Cube', created by Skrull scientists. The Cube could transform reality according to the wishes of the bearer and ultimately destroyed the civilizations of two thirds of the Andromeda Galaxy's inhabited planets.

Since then, Skrullian technology has advanced, with starships able to travel faster than the speed of light.

Skrull 'alien agents', adopting human forms, have spied on Earth for centuries.

When the "Fantastic Four" began their career, the Skrulls impersonated the team while committing crimes.