Monday, February 06, 2006

Lionsgate Conjuring Up "Doctor Strange" DVD

According to reports, the upcoming Lionsgate/Marvel "Doctor Strange" direct-to-video animated feature will highlight dreaded comic book demon 'Dormammu' as a villain.

"Doctor Strange" is the fourth film in the new Marvel super hero cartoon catalogue, following two "Ultimate Avengers" films and one "Iron Man".

Release of "Doctor Strange" is due early 2007.

Premise of the film will be an origin story focusing on arrogant surgeon 'Dr. Stephen Strange' who becomes a recluse after losing the mobility of his fingers. Strange wanders aimlessly through life until he finds salvation and magic through the mystical teachings of the 'Ancient One'. After saving the Ancient One's life from a deadly spell, Strange comes back to New York City's Greenwich Village and uses his new found knowledge to battle vengeful entities that continue to infiltrate his big city world.

Frank Paur of Todd McFarlane's upcoming "Spawn: The Animation" and "X-Men: Evolution" fame is producing both "Iron Man" and "Doctor Strange".

In addition to "Doctor Strange", writer Greg Johnson is also developing "Wolverine" and "X-Men" for television.