Thursday, February 23, 2006

Craig Gets Shaken And Stirred For "Casino Royale" ...


Various stories on the web are circulating regarding actor Daniel Craig and the filming of James Bond 21 "Casino Royale":

According to the UK's Sunday Mirror, Craig lost two front teeth during his first fight scene on the set of "Casino Royale".

The 37-year old actor was filming in Prague when the stunt went wrong.

As the shaken star reportedly staggered backwards clutching his bleeding mouth, studio cameramen thought it was a brilliant piece of acting, then quickly realized Craig was really hurt.

His injuries were so extensive that local dentists could not treat him and his personal dentist was flown out from London for emergency surgery to the Czech capital.

Dr. Rod McNeil, based in London's Cavendish Square, fixed caps to Craig's shattered teeth then flew back to Britain.

The actor has now been given six 'gumshields' and told to wear them while filming further scenes at Prague's Barrandov Studios.

Then, according to Life Style Extra (UK), Craig apparently stunned Eon producers when he admitted at the last minute he was unable to drive 007's classic car.

Filmmakers had transported Bond's original Aston Martin DB5 to the Bahamas to shoot scenes for "Casino Royale".

Craig confessed he didn't have a license to drive the manual car.

"I don't do gears," he said.

An insider is quoted in Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "They've started shooting here and are using the old DB5, which is absolutely sensational. It was shipped over and was ready to go but then we found out he can't drive a manual car.

"So we have had to adapt it so it's like an automatic. You don't expect that with James Bond, to be honest."

Last year, Craig admitted he is struggling to overcome his biggest fear to play Bond - he's terrified of guns.

Then, according to Total Film, someone who doesn’t seem so thrilled with the selection of Eva Green to play 'Vesper Lynd' is "Casino Royale" script doctor Paul Haggis.

The site reports that after collecting his BAFTA award, the "Crash" director, standing alongside actress Thandie Newton, said, "I think we all know who I was rooting for" and nodded his head towards Newton.

Apparenty Thandie shrugged her shoulders and admitted: "That ship has sailed I’m afraid..."