Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Atmosphere And Platinum "Killing Demons"

Producers Mark Canton, chairman and chief executive officer of Atmosphere Entertainment MM, and Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, chairman of Platinum Studios, announced they will develop Platinum's graphic novel "Killing Demons" as a feature film:

"Killing Demons" revolves around a man whose family was slain by supernatural creatures when he was a child, subsequently devoting his life to hunting down "demonic creatures that prey on humanity".  

"Killing Demons" is written by Peter Siegel and illustrated by Brent White. Through the self-publishing/independent distribution efforts of its authors, "Killing Demons" received critical acclaim with sales placing it in the top 100 graphic novels for 2005. 

Rosenberg and Canton first worked together when Canton was chairman of the Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Companies. Canton green lit the billion-dollar franchise "Men In Black", a comic book property introduced to him by Rosenberg. 

Atmosphere MM's current slate of films features several graphic novel/comic book adaptations including Warners' projects "300", currently filming in Montreal, based on the best-selling graphic novel by Frank Miller and "Books of Magic" based on the ongoing comic book created by Neil Gaiman. 

After the success of "Men In Black", Rosenberg founded Platinum Studios, acquiring the world's largest independent library of comic book properties containing over 2,500 characters. The company recently announced a financing/production deal with Relativity Media LLC and IDG Films for two back-to-back films based on the "Witchblade" comic book franchise and the signing of the Pang Brothers to direct "The Darkness".