Thursday, July 04, 2024

“Sam and Twitch: Case Files”

Image Comics’ “Sam and Twitch: Case Files” is a new ongoing mystery title from writer Todd McFarlane and illustrator Szymom Kudranski, featuring 2 crime-fighting detectives, who persevere despite the odds, with the next issue available July 8, 2024:

“…from the world of ‘Spawn’, comes a new tale of intrigue and deception in this noir crime drama.

“Now the hunt for a killer brings to light an old case our two distinguished detectives thought long closed. Could there be a missing connection?

Unexpectedly, the investigation takes a turn that neither detective saw coming. Now they are the target of a vicious killer! Just when they thought they'd cracked the case, another body turns up, while the killer is constantly one step ahead of them…

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