Tuesday, July 09, 2024

“One Fast Move”

One Fast Move” is a new motorcycle racing thriller, written and directed by Kelly Blatz, starring KJ Apa, Eric Dane, Edward James Olmos, Maia Reficco and Austin North, streaming August 8, 2024 on Amazon Prime Video:

“…’Wes Neal’, a young man with a passion for speed, is kicked out of the military for motorcycle drag racing. 

With nowhere left to go, and a desire to go pro in racing, he tracks down his estranged father, ‘Dean Miller’, a former motorcycle racing champion, to be his coach. 

“Wes gets a job at the motorcycle shop owned by Dean’s old mentor, ‘Abel’ and meets a local waitress who he falls for. 

But as he begins training with his father, Dean puts intense pressure on his son to be the best, putting a strain on all other relationships in Wes’ life. 

“Wes must now decide what he wants for his future, and ultimately what is worth losing in order to win big on the track…”

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