Tuesday, June 11, 2024

“The Wild Robot”

“The Wild Robot” is a new animated science-fiction adventure film based on the book, written and directed by Chris Sanders, starring Lupito Nyong'o, Pedro Pascal, Catherine O'Hara, Bill Nighy, Kit Connor, Stephanie Hsu, Mark Hamill, Matt Berry and Ving Rhames. releasing September 20, 2024 in theaters:

“…’Rozzum 7134’ aka ‘Roz’,  a futuristic robot, washes ashore on a deserted island. From there a tale of survival and discovery begins when Roz becomes the unexpected protector to an orphaned gosling, named ‘Brightbill’. 

“Together they struggle to survive the harsh environment, but only succeed with the help of a close-knit group of misfit animals, who become first friends, then family. 

“Ultimately Roz and company save the island from a robotic invasion by Roz's manufacturer, looking to bring her back to civilization by any means necessary…

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