Wednesday, June 19, 2024

“Spaceballs 2”

When writer/director Mel Brooks' "Spaceballs" comedy spoof of "Star Wars" was first released in 1987, fans of the 'space opera' genre were delighted with the film, but most reviewers dismissed the feature as lame 'shtick', thinking the whole "Star Wars" 'thing' had run its course and best left forgotten. But the fans were right, the film was successful and now producer Brooks with backing from Amazon MGM is finally moving forward at ‘ludicrous speed’, to prep a sequel, to be directed by Josh Greenbaum:

The original  "Spaceballs", currently streaming on Max,  sees many of the main cast pass away, including John Candy as 'Barf'...

... Joan Rivers as 'Dot Matrix', Dom DeLuise as 'Pizza The Hut'...

...and Phil Hartman as 'Dink'.

But Bill Pullman as 'Lone Star' and Daphne Zuniga as 'Princess Vespa' are still working.

As for Rick Moranis, who reprised his role as ‘Dark Helmet’, for an episode of  TV series “The Goldbergs”, he is in semi-retirement in Toronto, but could be persuaded to return to the role, if the script is right.

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