Thursday, June 13, 2024

“Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist”

“Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist” is a new dramatic TV miniseries starring Kevin Hart as ‘Chicken Man’, Samuel L. Jackson as ‘Frank Moten’, Taraji P. Henson as ‘Vivan Thomas’, Don Cheadle as ‘JD Hudson’, Terrence Howard as ‘Cadillac Richie’, Chloe Bailey as ‘Lena Mosley’, Marsha Stephanie Blake as ‘Delores Hudson’, Dexter Darden as ‘Muhammad Ali’, Lori Harvey as ‘Lola Falana’ and Sinqua Walls as ‘McKinley Rogers’, streaming September 5, 2024 on Peacock:

“…on the night of ‘Muhammad Ali’ making a historic comeback fight criminals took advantage of the match’s popularity and conducted a major heist.

“‘Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist’ follows the infamous story of how an armed robbery on the night of Muhammad Ali’s historic 1970 comeback fight changed not only one man’s life but ultimately transformed Atlanta into the ‘Black Mecca’.

 “When a hustler named ‘Chicken Man’ (Hart) hosts an afterparty to celebrate the fight with a guest list of the country’s wealthiest, the night ends with the most brazen criminal underworld heist in Atlanta’s history. 

“Suspected of masterminding the crime, Chicken Man is hellbent on clearing his name but must convince his old adversary, ‘J.D. Hudson’ (Cheadle), one of the first detectives in the city’s desegregated police force, who is tasked with bringing those responsible to justice…”

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