Saturday, June 15, 2024

“Blue Beetle” Animated

Thanks to ‘beetlemania’, DC Studios are developing a “Blue Beetle” animated TV series, directed by Miguel Puga and executive produced by Angel Manuel Soto, director of the “Blue Beetle” live-action feature, now streaming on Max:

“…college grad ‘Jaime Reyes’ (Xolo Mariduena) returns home full of aspirations for his future, only to find that home is not quite as he left it.

"As he searches to find his purpose in the world, fate intervenes when Jaime unexpectedly finds himself in possession of an ancient relic of alien biotechnology: the ‘Scarab’.

 "When the Scarab suddenly chooses Jaime to be its symbiotic host, he is bestowed with an incredible suit of armor...

"...capable of extraordinary and unpredictable powers forever...

"...changing his destiny as he becomes the Super Hero ‘Blue Beetle’…”

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