Saturday, June 15, 2024

“All The Weekend’s Drama”

“All the Weekend’s Drama” is a new drama feature, written and directed by John Robb Sanders, starring Laken Giles, Sharihan Haddad, and Alexis Figueroa, in a limited release June 23, 2024:

“…’Chloe Rousseau’ is a misfit, gentle-hearted twenty-year-old. She’s hardly ever known anything outside of her wayward, poverty-stricken lifestyle.

“Surrounding her is nothing but trauma attached to young people who don’t deserve it. Her glimmers of hope: a well-adjusted, now estranged childhood best friend, ‘Nina’, a young sweetheart teenager named ‘Benny’ and a wise-beyond-her-years corner store clerk  ‘Imara’. 


“After Chloe has an accidental pregnancy, she turns to Nina for support, to which Nina shows Chloe that no one should ever feel their destiny is predetermined, no matter where you come from.

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