Tuesday, May 14, 2024

“Transformers: EarthSpark” - Season 2

The CG-animated TV series “Transformers: EarthSpark”, Season 2, streams June 7, 2024 on Paramount+:

“…’Transformers: EarthSpark’ introduces a new generation of ‘Transformers’ robots – the first to be born on Earth – and together with the humans who welcome them and care for them, they’ll redefine what it means to be a family. 

“In season two, the ‘’ has shattered, and it’s a race against the ‘Decepticons’ to find all the pieces. Limitless power will be at the fingertips of whoever holds the artifact.

“Amidst the chaos, ‘Robby’ meets someone special; ‘Mo’ uncovers an ancient secret in ‘Witwicky’ and the ‘Terrans’ level up. Together, the ‘Malto’ family and the ‘Autobots’ see how far they must go to defend all that they love…”

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