Friday, May 10, 2024

“The Fantastic Four”

Matt Shakman ("WandaVision") directs Marvel Studios new live-action feature “The Fantastic Four”, starting July 2024,  starring Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Joseph Quinn, Julia Garner, John Malkovich, Natasha Lyonne and Ralph Ineson, reportedly based on the story arc “The Galactus Trilogy" from Marvel Comics “Fantastic Four" #48-#50 (1966), introducing  'Galactus' aka ‘The Devourer of Worlds”:

" 'The Coming of Galactus', the 'Silver Surfer' soars through the 'Andromeda Galaxy', attracting the attention of 'Skrulls'. Terrified, the Skrulls do everything they can to conceal their world from the Surfer's perceptions, for wherever the Silver Surfer appears, his master, 'Galactus', cannot be far behind. 

"Back on Earth, the 'Fantastic Four' witness the entire skyline  engulfed in flame. At the 'Baxter Building', 'Reed Richards' sequesters inside his lab analyzes the situation. But the flames in the sky dissipate, giving way to an unending field of space debris as the 'Watcher' appears inside Reed's laboratory. 

"He explains he is responsible for the atmospheric disturbances, attempting to conceal Earth's existence from the attention of the Surfer. 

"He explains the Surfer is the advance scout of 'Galactus', a powerful cosmic being that consumes elemental energies of entire worlds, leaving them as lifeless husks. 

"But the Surfer investigates the Watcher's debris field and finds Earth hidden beneath it. He flies to the roof of the Baxter Building and sends out a cosmic signal for Galactus. 

"The Fantastic Four race to the top of the building, and the 'Thing' rams into the Surfer, knocking him off the building. 

"In the sky above, Galactus' planet-devouring world ship emerges over Manhattan. The giant Galactus exits the ship and declares his intention to consume the entire world..."

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