Saturday, May 11, 2024

“Mulligan”” - Part 2

“Mulligan”, the animated ‘apocalyptic’ sitcom created by Sam Means and Robert Carlock, streams Part 2, May 24, 2024 on Netflix:

“…after an alien attack destroys Earth, what's left of humanity has the chance to start all over again. Survivors will need to work together to avoid repeating the same mistakes…”

Cast includes Nat Faxon as ‘Matty Mulligan’, a working class man who saved Earth from the aliens, and has become leader of the human race, Chrissy Teigen as ‘Lucy Suwan’, Earth's de facto ‘First Lady’ and in a romantic relationship with Matty, Tina Fey as ‘Dr. Farrah Braun’, a single mom and super scientist, Sam Richardson as ‘Simon Prioleau’, a historian and Matty's right-hand man…

…Dana Carvey as ‘Senator Cartwright’,  a person who appointed himself as ‘Vice-President of Earth’ and wants to return everything to the way it was in the past, plus Phil LaMarr as ‘Axatrax’, a well-regarded alien general who is a prisoner of the humans in the bowling alley of the White House

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