Saturday, May 04, 2024

“Geek Girl” on Netflix

“Geek Girl” is a new Brit-Canadian produced TV series based on the semi-autobiographical book by Holly Smale, directed by Declan O'Dwyer, starring Emily Carey as ‘Harriet Manners’, Sarah Parish as ‘Jude Paignton’, Emmanuel Imani as ‘Wilbur Evans’, Liam Woodrum as ‘Nick Park’, Zac Looker as ‘Toby Pilgrim’, Tim Downie as ‘Richard Manners’, Jemima Rooper as ‘Annabel Manners’,  Daisy Jelley as ‘Poppy Hepple-Cartwright’,  Rochelle Harrington as ‘Natalie Grey’, Sandra Yi Sencindiver as ‘Yugin Lee’, Mia Jenkins as ‘Lexi’,  Alana Boden as ‘Miss Lord’ and  Madeleine Price as ‘Liv’, streaming May w0, q024 on Netflix:

“…’Harriet Manners’ is a socially awkward teen with a limited circle of friends, but plucked from obscurity to be the face of a high-profile fashion advertising campaign.

Manners' change of circumstance as a teenage fashion model, results in various conflicts which she must resolve and which in turn lead to revelations about both herself and the world in general…”

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