Thursday, May 30, 2024

“A Part of You” on Netflix

“A Part of You” is a new Swedish-produced ‘coming-of-age’ drama feature, directed by Sigge Eklund, starring Felicia Maxime, Edvin Ryding and Zara Larsson, streaming May 31, 2024 on Netflix:

“…this is a story about life and death that portrays the experience of being 17 years old and feeling like your heart is about to burst from your chest. ‘Julia’ possesses everything that her sister ‘Agnes’ dreams of: she’s the coolest person in school, the center of every party and she’s dating ‘Noel’. 

“If only Agnes could be more like her. When the worst possible thing occurs, Agnes’ world is turned upside down and she’s forced to reinvent herself. Suddenly, she’s on the verge of obtaining everything she’s ever desired, but at what cost?…”

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