Tuesday, April 09, 2024

“Under Paris” on Netflix

“Under Paris” is a New France-produced ‘killer-shark' horror movie directed by Xavier Gans, starring Bérénice Bejo, Nassim Lyes, Léa Léviant, Iñaki Lartigue and José Antonio Pedrosa Moreno, streaming June 5, 2024 on Netflix:

 “….in the summer of 2024, Paris is hosting the ‘World Triathlon Championships’ on the Seine River for the first time. 

‘’Sophia’, a brilliant scientist, learns from ‘Mika’, a young environmental activist, that a large shark is swimming deep in the river. 

“To avoid a bloodbath at the heart of the city, they have no choice but to join forces with ‘Adil’, the Seine River police commander…”

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