Wednesday, April 10, 2024


“Shardlake” is a new live-action ‘Tudor England’ era, 4-part drama series, directed by Justin Chadwick, following the adventures of the hunchbacked lawyer/detective ‘Matthew Shardlake’ (Arthur Hughes) co-starring Sean Bean as ‘Thomas Cromwell’, streaming May 1, 1023 on Hulu:

“…drenched in mystery, suspense, and deception, this four-part drama is an eerie whodunnit adventure set in 16th century England during the dissolution of the monasteries. 

“The sheltered life of ‘Shardlake’  (Hughes) as a lawyer is turned upside down when Cromwell (Bean) instructs him to investigate the murder of one of his commissioners at a monastery in the remote town of Scarnsea.

“The commissioner was gathering evidence to close the monastery, and it is now imperative for Cromwell’s own political survival that Shardlake solve  the murder and closes the monastery.

“As failure is not an option, Cromwell insists Shardlake be accompanied by ‘Jack Barak’ (Anthony Boyle) to Scarnsea, where the duo are met with hostility, suspicion and paranoia by the monks who fear for their future and will stop at nothing to preserve their order…”

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