Thursday, April 18, 2024

“Golden Axe”

A 10-episode series order has been greenlit by Titmouse for a new animated TV adaptation of “Golden Axe”, based on Sega‘s popular medieval-set video game series, starring Matthew Rhys, Danny Pudi, Lisa Gilroy, Liam McIntyre  and Carl Tart, airing in 2025 on Comedy Central:

“…veteran sword ‘n sorcery warriors ‘Ax Battler’, ‘Tyris Flare’ and ‘Gilius Thunderhead’ battle to save ‘Yuria’ from the evil giant ‘Death Adder’ who just won’t seem to stay dead. 

“Fortunately, this time they have the inexperienced and underprepared ‘Hampton Squib’ on their side…”

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