Thursday, April 11, 2024

“Bob Marley: One Love” on Paramount+

The biographical feature "Bob Marley: One Love", directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, based on the life of reggae singer/songwriter 'Bob Marley', streams April 12, 2024 on Paramount+:

"...considered one of the pioneers of reggae, Marley's musical career was marked by fusing elements of reggae, ska and rocksteady.

"His contributions to music increased the visibility of Jamaican music worldwide, and made him a global figure in popular culture. 

"Over the course of his career, Marley became known as a 'Rastafari' icon, and he infused his music with a sense of spirituality. 

"He is also considered a global symbol of Jamaican music, culture and identity, and was targeted for his support for social reforms..."

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