Thursday, March 07, 2024

“The Neon Highway”

“The Neon Highway” is a new music drama, directed by William Wages, starring Beau Bridges and Rob Mayes, opening in theaters March 15, 2024:

“…’Wayne Collins’, a young singer/songwriter (Rob Mayes), was a heartbeat away from making it in Nashville when a car crash ended his dream.

“Now, seven years later, he’s a working man in Columbus, Georgia, trying to make ends meet. 

“During a cable installation, he meets ‘Claude Allen’, a drunken has-been country music legend (Beau Bridges), who hands him a guitar and listens to one of Wayne’s original songs. 

‘Together, they return to Nashville, hoping they can shop the song and score a record deal. But the industry has changed, and no one is willing to take a chance on Claude. Not one to give up, Wayne outsmarts the system…”

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