Wednesday, March 20, 2024

“Popeye The Sailor” Live-Action

According to reports, Chernin Entertainment and King Features are developing a new ‘patriotic’, live-action “Popeye the Sailor” feature, to be scripted by Michael Caleo (“The Sopranos”), with Jason Statham a fan-favorite to star:

"...created by cartoonist Elzie Crisler Segar, ‘Popeye’ debuted in the 1929 comic strip “Thimble Theater”.

“The comic was then turned into a series of theatrical cartoon shorts by Fleischer Studios for Paramount Pictures…

“…and featured in comic books, video games, advertisements and a whole lot more.

“Robert Altman directed a live-action ‘Popeye’ movie in 1980. Produced by Robert Evans for Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Productions, it starred Robin Willams as ‘Popeye’…

“…Shelley Duvall as ‘Olive Oyl’, Paul L. Smith as ‘Bluto’, Paul Dooley as ‘J. Wellington Wimpy’, Richard Libertini as ‘George W. Geezil’ and Ray Walston as ‘Poopfeck Pappy’…”

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