Saturday, March 16, 2024

“Deadpool 3” - ‘Cassandra Nova’

According to reports actress Emma Corrin (“The Crown”) will play Marvel Comics super-villain ‘Cassandra Nova’,  in the upcoming live-action feature “Wolverine 3”, starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman:

Created by writer Grant Morrison and illustrator Frank Quitely, ‘Cassandra Nova’ debuted in Marvel Comics “New X-Men” #114 (July 2001). 

The character is classified as a ‘mummudrai’, parasitic life form born bodiless on the astral plane. The mummudrai that became Cassandra became telepathically entangled with the future ‘Charles Xavier’, who possesses vast mutant telepathic powers. This granted Cassandra some psionic powers herself, including the ability to exit the womb and create a body. 

Cassandra is Xavier's ideological dark shadow, bent on destruction and genocide. She is most infamous for commanding an army of ‘Sentinels’ to massacre 16 million mutants within the mutant homeland of ‘Genosha’.”

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