Saturday, March 02, 2024

“Alex Rider” - Season 3

Season 3 of the spy-adventure TV series “Alex Rider”, directed by Andreas Prochaska, starring Otto Farrant, based on the books by Anthony Horowitz,  will premiere 8 new episodes, April 5, 2024 on Amazon Freevee:

“…’Alex Rider’ is a London-based teenager, trained for the dangerous world of espionage since he was a child. Season Three sets the teenage spy on the tail of his greatest enemy: the elusive criminal network known as ‘Scorpia’. Under new leadership, the criminal cabal plan to extort the Brit Government using their catastrophic new super-weapon: ‘Invisible Sword.’ 

Free of ‘The Department’ and aided by his closest friends, ‘Tom’ and ‘Kyra’, Alex embarks on a personal mission to destroy Scorpia once and for all. But little does he know, his ties to both organizations run deeper than he ever thought possible..”

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