Friday, February 16, 2024

“Dune: Part Two” Photocall

Take a look at Zendaya, one of the stars of “Dune: Part Two”, attending a recent photocall for the film’s premiere, wearing futuristic body armor gear:

"..Zendaya plays ‘Chani’, aka ‘Chani Kynes’, the daughter of ‘Liet-Kynes’.

“Chain is the lover of ‘Paul Atreides’ and eventually his partner in ruling the galaxy. 

Like ‘Duke Leto’ and ‘Jessica’, Paul never marries Chani but instead marries ‘Princess Irulan’ to institute himself into the family of the ‘Emperor’. 

“Chani and Paul eventually have twins, ‘Leto II’ and ‘Atreides’. 

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