Saturday, February 10, 2024

“U & I”

The new AWA Studios title ‘U & I” #1, is written by J. Michael Straczynski and illustrated by Mike Choi, with covers by Choi and Mike Deodato Jr. :

“…the next chapter in the saga of the ‘Resistance Universe’ focuses on an unlikely love story. The mysterious “U’  has no memory of his past before awakening with powers after the ‘Great Death’ that took many lives and created the superpowered ‘Reborns’. 

‘His vision of the world is one that is more beautiful and full of hope than the rest of us can see. In searching for a purpose, a reason to live, he discovers ‘Isabelle’, whose father died in the plague, and who has recently been thrown out to live in the streets by her uncle. 

“When the two meet, a spark is lit between them. But another spark is lit—one that’s sure to lead to explosive consequences—when U runs afoul of a crime syndicate that will stop at nothing to get revenge…”

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