Monday, February 12, 2024

The Return of “Wynonna Earp”

The Alberta-lensed 4-season supernatural TV series "Wynonna Earp", based on the IDW comic book title by Beau Smith, starring Melanie Scrofano, as the grand-daughter of 'Wyatt Earp', will return for a 90-minute live-action feature on TUBI in 2024:

"...'Wynonna Earp', the great-great-granddaughter of legendary lawman 'Wyatt Earp', battles 'revenants', the reincarnated outlaws that Wyatt killed. 

"She also fights other supernatural beings that inhabit the 'Ghost River Triangle'...

"...a cursed territory near the Canadian Rockies that includes 'Purgatory', her home town.

"On her 27th birthday, Wynonna inherited the special power to return revenants to 'Hell' with her ancestor's 16-inch barrel special 'Peacemaker' revolver. 

"She is recruited by the 'Black Badge Division' ('BBD'), a secret government agency led by 'Special Agent Xavier Dolls' which eventually includes...

" ageless 'Doc Holliday' and Wynonna's sister, 'Waverly Earp'. 'Nicole Haught', Waverly's girlfriend and a Purgatory Sheriff's Deputy, assists the team in her local police role..."

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