Thursday, February 08, 2024

"The Invisibles" Live-Action

Development continues on writer Grant Morrison's Vertigo comics title "The Invisibles", as a live action TV series for Universal Cable Productions following 'The Invisible College' organization battling against physical/psychic oppression using time travel:

"...'Dane McGowan', is an angry teen from Liverpool, attempting to burn down his school. Abandoned by his father and neglected by his mother, Dane takes out his anger and frustration through destruction. He is then recruited by the 'Invisibles', a ragtag gang led by 'King Mob'. 

"While in London, Dane is abandoned by the Invisibles and mentored by 'Tom O'Bedlam', an elderly homeless man who is secretly a member of the Invisibles. 

"Tom shows Dane the magic in the everyday world and helps him realize that his anger prevents him from experiencing real emotions. 

"While wandering with Tom, Dane has a partially remembered alien abduction experience and is transported into a different dimension. Eventually Dane returns to the Invisibles, taking the codename 'Jack Frost'..."

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