Sunday, February 11, 2024

‘Royal Crackers” - Season 2

Take a look at more footage from Season 2 of the animated comedy series  "Royal Crackers," created by Jason Ruiz, starring Ruiz, Andrew Santino, Jessica St. Clair , David Gborie and Maile Flanagan, airing February 29, 2024 on Adult Swim:

“…in ‘Royal Crackers’ Season Two, the storylines delve deeper into brothers ‘Stebe’ (Ruiz) and ‘Theo' ( Santino) and their daddy issues as they're forced to confront their father's dark past. 

“Theo continues to grapple with the aftermath of his fall from stardom and attempts to navigate his way towards self-acceptance. Meanwhile, ‘Deb’ (St. Clair) and Stebe's highly sexually charged relationship undergoes significant challenges, putting their bond to the test. 

“‘Matt’ (Flanagan) struggles to fit in at school and with his family. All the while the ‘Royal Crackers’ company tries to not only maintain relevance, but also to become the most popular snack food in the whole world…”

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