Sunday, February 11, 2024

Léa Seydoux: “Vanity Fair”

Actress Léa Seydoux ("No Time To Die") poses for the latest issue of “Vanity Fair” (France), wearing Louis Vuitton, photographed by Nikolas Lorieux:

"It’s a misogynistic world," Seydoux said about the movie industry.

"It’s because of what we ask of actresses. We ask them to be sensitive, fragile, desirable. 

"And men? We ask them to be strong and virile. But you can turn this into a strength.

"Because when I decide to do nudity, it’s something that I decide. I feel that I have the choice. I’m fine with it. 

‘I think it becomes a problem when you feel the victim, when you victimize yourself...I'm never the victim..."