Friday, February 09, 2024

“Demise” - Your Darkest Secret

“Demise” is a new thriller, written and directed by Yara Estrada, starring Liz Fenning, Carlo Mendez and Cedric Jonathan, releasing February 27, 2024 on VOD:


‘…Latino landscaper, ‘Caleb Castillo’, leads a double life,  entangled in a steamy affair with rising fashion star, ‘Fiona Hernandez’, while simultaneously devoted to his beautiful wife, ‘Celine’. 

“Celine wants a child with Caleb more than anything in the world. As Fiona’s patience wears thin with Caleb’s promises to leave his wife, Celine discovers Caleb’s infidelity; they break up. Caleb and Fiona begin to forge a new life together, but Celine becomes obsessed with reclaiming what she believes is rightfully hers, including Caleb’s newborn son, ‘Brody’…”

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