Thursday, January 18, 2024

“The New Look”

“The New Look”, written and directed by Todd A. Kessler, is a new 10-episode drama series following the rivalry between fashion icons ‘Christian Dior’ and ‘Coco Chanel’, starring Ben Mendelsohn, Juliette Binoche, Maisie Williams, John Malkovich, Emily Mortimer, Claes Bang, Glenn Close, Thomas Poitevin and Nuno Lopes, streaming February 14, 2023 on AppleTV+:

“…set against the World War II German occupation of Paris, when the Vichy government gave up Jews so they could keep their sculptures and paintings, ‘The New Look’ focuses on the pivotal moment in the 20th century when the French city led the world back to life through its fashion icon ‘Christian Dior’.

As Dior rises to prominence with his groundbreaking, iconic imprint of beauty and influence, Chanel’s reign as the world’s most famous fashion designer is put into jeopardy. 

“The interwoven saga follows the surprising stories of Dior’s contemporaries and rivals from ‘Chanel’ to ‘Pierre Balmain’,  ‘Cristóbal Balenciaga’ and more providing  a stunning view into the atelier, designs and clothing created by ‘Christian Dior’ through collaboration with the ‘House of Dior’.” 

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