Thursday, January 18, 2024

“Hazbin Hotel”

Sneak Peek the entire first episode of “Hazbin Hotel", the new 'monster musical' animated TV series, created by Vivienne "VivziePop" Medrano, streaming January 19, 2024 on Amazon Prime Video:

"...'Charlie Morningstard' (Erika Henningsen), a princess of 'Hell',  sets about fulfilling her seemingly impossible dream of opening a hotel called the 'Happy Hotel', which aims to rehabilitate sinners. Due to overpopulation, Hell goes through an annual purge once a year, where angels descend from Heaven and kill demons. 

"Charlie finds this upsetting, and wants to find a more peaceful solution to the overpopulation problem. Her goal is to have her clients 'check out' from Hell as redeemed souls and be accepted into Heaven.

"With the help of her devoted manager and girlfriend, 'Vaggie' (Stephanie Beatriz), and their reluctant first patron, film actor 'Angel Dust' (Blake Roman), she's determined to make her dream become a reality. But when her proposal on live TV goes awry, her plan attracts the attention of the powerful 'Alastor' (Amir Talai) who, wants to help Charlie run the hotel as his  own..."

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