Sunday, January 28, 2024

“Genius: MLK/X’ on Hulu

 The new season of award-winning dramatic docuseries “Genius” focuses on ‘Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’ (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) and ‘Malcolm X’ 
(Aaron Pierre), streaming February 1, 2024 on Hulu and Disney+:
…’Genius: MLK/X’ explores the formative years, when these men were both   molded by strong fathers, traumatic experiences  and rich, parallel stories…

‘…as they shaped their identities and became the change they wished to see in the world. 

“The docuseries offers an intimate look into their complex lives as husbands, fathers, brothers and sons, with their formidable wives,  ‘Coretta Scott King’ (Weruche Opia) and ‘Betty Shabazz’ (Jayme Lawson), leading by their sides, ‘King’ and ‘X’ are two visionaries who ultimately rose to pioneer a movement…"

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