Monday, January 22, 2024

“FEUD: ‘Wolverine’ vs ‘Deadpool’

In anticipation of the feature “Deadpool 3”, starring Hugh Jackman as ‘Wolverine’ and Ryan Reynolds as “Deadpool”, take a look at the Marvel Comics feud  between the two superheroes for more than 25 years:

"...'Wade Wilson' / 'Deadpool' is a wisecracking mercenary with accelerated healing but severe scarring over his body...

"...after undergoing an experimental regenerative mutation to treat a terminal illness. 

"'James Logan Howlett' / 'Wolverine' is a mutant with healing abilities, retractable claws and an 'adamantium' infused skeleton.

"'Vanessa', a prostitute, is Wilson's fiancée.

""Negasonic Teenage Warhead' is a teenage member of the 'X-Men' with the mutant power to detonate atomic bursts from her body.

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