Saturday, December 30, 2023

“What If…?” Season 3

Sneak Peek new footage from Season 3 of  Marvel Studios animated TV series “What If…?”, streaming in 2024 on Disney+:

 "The fact that we have ‘What If…?’ going into a third season, it means that we can go a little bit deeper with these characters, especially the ‘Watcher’,” said Marvel Studios' Brad Winderbaum. 

"It's a Multiverse story, they're standalone stories, but there is a serialized aspect to it because there's this narrator who loves the subjects of these stories, he's the ultimate fanboy. 

‘He's watching, like we all watch. And he loves these characters like we do. So we can dig in a little deeper into what makes him tick in the second season, and then into the third season, we kind of get to know his humanity a lot more."

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