Friday, December 01, 2023

"The UnBelievable with Dan Aykroyd"

The new, 10-episode one-hour nonfiction series "The UnBelievable with Dan Aykroyd", hosted by award-winning actor, comedian, writer and producer Dan Aykroyd, begins December 1, 2023 on The History Channel :

"...for generations, scientists and historians have been fascinated to uncover the truth behind some of the world’s most bizarre, real-life occurrences. Hosted by Aykroyd and featuring dynamic visuals, archival images and expert interviews, 'The UnBelievable with Dan Aykroyd' will uncover some of the most mysterious and bizarre inventions, creatures, people and things throughout history.

"From a 440-pound Syrian bear turned military soldier to a man who survived being shot through the head with a 43-inch iron bar, the stories may appear unbelievable, but they are 100% true..."

"As a long time, avid watcher of 'The HISTORY Channel', I am excited to partner with their superb research staff and excellent program makers to present human history’s 100% true jaw-dropping mindblowers," said Aykroyd.

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