Monday, December 18, 2023

More “Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League”

Take a look at more footage from the upcoming video game "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" developed by Rocksteady Studios for Warner Bros. Games, scheduled for release February 2, 2024 for PlayStation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X/S:

"... based on DC Comics degenerate supervillain/anti-hero team the 'Suicide Squad', the game revolves around  'Arkham Asylum' inmates 'Harley Quinn' (Tara Strong), 'Captain Boomerang' (Daniel Lapaine), 'Deadshot' (Bumper Robinson) and 'King Shark' (Samoa Joe)...

"...assembled by 'Amanda Waller' (Debra Wilson), then sent to 'Metropolis' to stop the alien invader 'Brainiac' , saving 'brainwashed' members of the 'Justice League'..."