Tuesday, December 05, 2023

“Marvel United: Spider-Geddon”

“Marvel United: Spider-Geddon” is a new Board Game from CMON and Spin Master Games:

“…players will take on the roles of ‘Spider-Heroes’ that travel across dimensions to save the innocent. Players will work together to thwart the master plan of ‘Morlun’ to destroy the ‘Spiderverse’. They can play as ‘Scarlet Spider’, ‘Peni Parker’, ‘Spider-Punk’, ‘Silk’, ‘Symbiote’, ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Spider-Man Noir’ as they go up against Morlun, ‘Spot’, ‘Anti-Venom’ and ‘Superior Spider-Man’.  Villains each have their own master plan and their cards trigger various effects and challenges in different locations…”

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