Saturday, December 02, 2023

Cancel Culture: “Avengers Inc.”

The ambitious Marvel Comics title “Avengers Inc.”, written by Al Ewing and illustrated by Leonard Kirk, has been canceled by the publisher after a 5 issue run:

“…’The Wasp’ creates a whole new style of Avenging. Her name is ‘Janet Van Dyne’. She’s a celebrity, and she's hunting a killer. His name is ‘Victor Shade’. He’s an enigma - and he just got killed.

Together, they're out to solve every mystery in the ‘Marvel Universe’ starting with their own.  Victor Shade was the cover fit the ‘Vusion’ but whoever this guy is, he's not the Vision. 

“ Then, when the Wasp receives an invite from ‘Jane Foster’, their investigation will take them to ‘Valhalla’ - to learn how a dead man can die again…”

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