Thursday, November 02, 2023

"Rumble Through The Dark"

"Rumble Through the Dark" is a new action thriller feature, 
directed by brothers Graham and Parker Phillips, releasing November 3, 2023 in theaters:

"...the acres and acres of fertile soil and 200-year-old antebellum house are all gone, and so is the foster mother who gave it to 'Jack Boucher'. She’s only days away from dying, with a mind eroded by dementia and the family legacy she entrusted to Jack now owned by banks and strangers. 

"Jack’s mind has begun to fail, too. Decades of bare-knuckle fighting are now taking their toll, as concussion after concussion forces him to carry around a stash of illegal painkillers and a notebook of names that separates friend from foe. 

"But in a single twisted night, Jack gets his chance to win back all that’s been lost..."

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